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 Introduction Instructions

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PostSubject: Introduction Instructions   Introduction Instructions EmptyWed Oct 05, 2016 11:47 pm

Welcome to the Introductions Instructions Topic! Before you guys go and start posting your own introductions, I'm gonna show you all really quick how you should format them so that we (The staff) can easily read and respond to your intros and get you quickly situated.

A typical introduction should look like this template.

Username: CodeOperator.

Department(s): Public Affairs, Scripting.

Past Projects: Bionicle: The Next Generation.

Talents/skills: Marketing, social media management, and script formatting.

Favorite Bionicle year: 2001.

Year I got into Bionicle: 2003.

Reason for joining: It's a long story, but mostly I just want to keep my childhood alive and pass my passion and joy to other fans and to new ones too!

Hi I do mems
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Introduction Instructions
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