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PostSubject: NEW MEMBERS READ   NEW MEMBERS READ EmptyWed Oct 05, 2016 11:35 pm

If you're reading this, I'm assuming that you're a new member. Welcome to Bionicle: Showdown, a Full Void production!

Before I start with the bylaws and the how to get started, let's go over what this is really quickly.
This is a fan-created Bionicle fighting game project, inspired by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. Bionicle is owned by Lego, we will not EVER make money off of this project, doing so would violate copyright law.
If you're still here and that interests you, then you've come to the right place!

To get started, you're going to need to start by posting an introduction in the introductions topic, under the New Members forum (Instructions on how to do that in the forum itself). Once you've done that, go ahead and make contact with your department's head for assignment and induction into your department's forum. Trust me, they're good people, they'll sort you out in no time.
Below is a list of the departments, a quick description of them, and their contact.

Story and Scripting: Story is writing the story itself, scripting is transferring those ideas to a readable script format. Contact: PoKoroProductions

Modelling: Producing 3D assets to be used in the project itself. Contact: HahliNuva

Animation: The magical process of making 3D models move, dance, and beat each other up. Contact: Staxx the Potato

Concept Art: Making art, usually 2D, to inspire and give guidelines for how our models, stages, and characters should look. Contact: Fluffy

Graphics: Producing textures for use with 3D models, stages, and characters. Contact: No contact, open position.

Music: Producing music for use in our game. Contact: Spinjitzu Master.

Sound: Making sounds like sword clashes, fireball impacts, and many more. Contact: Kick767

Voice Acting: Using those lovely (I assume) voices of yours to give voice to game characters. Contact: PoKoroProductions

Public Affairs: Interacting with the public, moderating social media, and advertising our game. Contact: CodeOperator.

That's all the departments we have thus far. Please note, secrets and unlockables are a community effort, as we all pool in what might be a cool easter egg, and thus has no true "Department Head".
Just remember, Inferno's always watching. You don't want to be caught being insubordinate.


1: Don't curse. There may be kids here, and this is generally a more PG product we're talking about. You'll be censored, but we'll notice. First time is a warning, second offense is a one week probation, and a third offense is a one week ban. Further offenses will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
2: Don't be toxic. Similar to the above, just don't be a jerk. That means no name-calling, no putting someone down for any reason, and no fighting. Same three strike policy as above.
3: Be reliable. In the event that you overpromise and can't get your work done on time or at all, please ask for help. This is a very supportive community we're building here, and we're more than happy to help you out if you need help, just don't disappear and leave it a mystery as to who's getting it done.
4: Respect authority. That means listening to your Department Head, any mods or admins, and especially to the Project Head Inferno. It will be considered insubordination if you fail to be respectful to the leadership with our three strike policy. However, if you believe you've been falsely accused of this, you can file a claim and we'll look into it with all due haste.
5: Respect your peers. Same as above and similar to Rule 2, just be respectful of everyone around you and we should all get along fine. Three strike policy.
6: No duplicate accounts after being permabanned. While we hope we never do have to permanently bring the banhammer down on someone, we do recognize that it's a possibility. If you make a new account after being banned, you will be immediately IP banned. We'll know.
7: No double-posting. This is more of a common courtesy, and we're far more lenient with this than any other rule, especially if you need to make a quick point within reason, but we'd prefer you just edit your previous post to clean up the forum image as a whole and prevent spam.
8: No spamming. Like Rule 7, don't spam intentionally, be it in posts, in Skype, Discord, the chatbox, or any other form of communication. This is annoying and time consuming, just don't do it. Three strike policy.
9: No suggestive or inappropriate discussion. Keep it PG, use the grandma rule, same reasons as in Rule 1. Three strike policy.
10: No leaking. If we have content that we intend to keep secret until we decide to reveal it, don't be that guy and leak it. If we find out you did it, we'll review your case and decide what should happen next, as this tends to be a complicated issue.

That's all. Abide by our bylaws and we should all get along swimmingly. Now, enough of reading what I have to say, get out there and keep Bionicle alive!

-CodeOperator, Head of Public Affairs.

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